Deadline extended

Wagga Wagga Masters Games - 29 June 2017

Deadline extended

Event Organisers for the 2017 Wagga Wagga Masters Games, scheduled to take place in the Largest Inland City in New South Wales Wagga Wagga between Friday 6th - 8th October 2017, have today announced an extension on the deadline for registrations.

Registrations have already been greater than originally anticipated for the event, however in the last few days as the original June 30th deadline approached a large influx of registrations, enquiries, and minor issues have been reported.

As such the Organising committee have worked overnight with our online system partners FuseSport and extended the deadline for registrations until July 31st 2017.

"It is important to note that there will be no extensions beyond this date, we just simply cant as it would not be fair on the timing of the rest of the set up," Event Coordinator Brendon Meynell said.

"We need to get the shirt order in, printing order, and also need to give the teams and clubs that are running our events time to see how many registrations they have and come up with the schedule and so this date is the latest anyone can be registered."

Some people attempting to register online may have found that they could not create a team and only either join one or be placed into one, this was to coincide with the original closing date of registrations.

Team managers had until the 23rd to enter a team, with the next seven days dedicated to players joining those teams - due to the new deadline these restrictions have now been lifted and teams for all sports are now able to be created.

While the deadline has been extended for another month it is also important to note that some sports are reaching their maximum playing numbers and so all teams and participants are encouraged to register now and not wait until the last minute to register.

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