Everyone loves drama, everyone loves to build upon a story of add unrelated information into the mix.

There are many people who don't know the whole story having their little say or throwing their two cents worth in. ALL OF US here are disappointed that the games have been cancelled.

However, false reporting by the media and false claims by others that they have been told no one is getting a refund is 100% incorrect.

ALL PARTICIPANTS and ALL SPONSORS will receive a FULL Refund on ALL Money paid within 21-28 days.

Threats of personal harm to one of our members because he was the bravest of us all to front the media should not be tolerated and are far from warranted.

We are all disappointed, we all feel your disappointment, and after 18 months of planning we are all gutted at the recent decision but these things happen there are always more than one story and there are always people who claim they know more than what they really do.


Please refrain from the threats that is going too far.